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About us

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The huge demand for quality is one of the most primary concerns for all the business now a days. If a company needs to flourish then it is essential that the best quality is delivered to them at any cost. To build a long lasting relationship with the clients, the company needs to make them believe that the products manufactured by the company are of utmost quality and the best way to do that is with the help of different types of certifications for quality standards. At Rohs Certification India, we are dedicated to provide our clients the best services to help them in obtaining the quality standard certification in the easiest and smoothest way. We have helped a long list of satisfied clients in obtaining different quality certifications.

Professional at work:-

We serve companies all over India regardless of the size of the company or the type of work they are involved in. If you need a certification, we are there for you. Our skilled and experienced consultants handle all the paper work and formalities so that our clients just relax and obtain the certification without any hustle. 

Wide range of services:-

We have been serving a wide range of industries with their requirements for different type of certifications for different quality standards. The following are the areas where we provide certification consultancy services to our clients:-

  1.       ISO 22000:2005 CERTIFICATION
  2.       CE MARKING
  5.       ISI MARK
  6.       ISO 13485:2013                                                   
  7.       ISO 14001:2004
  8.       ISO 20000:2011
  9.       ISO 27001:2013
  10.       ISO 9001:2008
  11.       ISO-TS 16949:2009
  14.       OHSAS 18001:2007
  16.       SA 8000 CERTIFICATION

With so many services to offer to our clients, we are always ready to provide help and consultancy to our clients in every field they want. We not only provide consultancy services for the certification process but also we provide assistance to the clients with their paperwork, proper assessment of their system and the regular audits that are conducted by the regulating authorities to validate the compliance.

At Rohs Certification India, we are dedicated to give our clients that best consultancy service which helps us in making a long lasting relationship with our clients and achieve 100% customer satisfaction. We ensure that we provide our clients the benefits that are quantifiable and are provided to them in the most professional way. We have a dedication to create relationships with our clients with clarity, simplicity and streamlined operations.

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