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Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) Certification 

Forests provide aesthetic, ecological, economic, recreational, and spiritual values to society. Forest certification assures the public that the benefits and functions of the forest, including clean air and water, wildlife and plant habitat, soil health, and recreation, are maintained or protected during management and harvest.

It is very important to monitor the flow of wood material from the forest to the consumer. The wood products get the certification if they meet the high standard set by the organizations. Forest certification identifies land that is managed with a goal of sustainability. Sustainable forestry can be viewed as a “three-legged stool" in which the legs represent the economic, ecological, and social aspects of forest management. In the last few years, forest problems worldwide have been on the increase. Forest area and quality have both declined, especially in the tropics and boreal areas. Stakeholders conflict increasingly scarce forest goods and services. It is generally acknowledged that the root causes of forest problems are policy, market, and institutional failures. That is why the need for Certification arises. Certification also ensures that management does not diminish the value of the future forest, nor create hardships for local communities. Certification is strictly voluntary; any landowner can participate. Certification systems assure consumers that the product they are purchasing meets certain standards. Forest certification refers to an independent, third-party evaluation of the management of a particular forest against a certain standard. A certification logo or tag on a wood-based product alerts consumers that wood used to produce that product is from a certified forest.

What is FSC Certification
The demand for sustainably produced products is ever-increasing and wood and paper products are everywhere. FSC Certification is the highest social and environmental standard to gain public and consumer recognition of the responsible practices and can also help to make and meet Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) targets. It can also improve credibility with customers and business partners, and with financial and watchdog organizations, thus helping to protect an organization’s brand and reputation. FSC certification allows you to access more environmentally sensitive markets, and governments and businesses are increasingly specifying FSC certified products in their procurement. 

FSC certification can help companies meet legislative requirements while improving market access, increasing revenue, and showcasing their sustainability policies.it also helps to comply with all applicable laws, regulations, and nationally ratified international treaties, conventions, and agreements. The FSC Certification is based on the internationally consistent principles and criteria of the Forest stewardship council. As the ecological, social, and economic conditions differ from country to country, the national standards for each country are put in concrete terms and may contain different indicators. However, the national FSC working groups in each country are required to align and harmonize their FSC standards with their neighboring countries.

Benefits of FSC Certification
FSC certification vastly reduces the risk of being confronted with illegal timber. It Creates business benefits and improves market access, achieves higher revenues, enhances the public image. FSC provides a link between the forest and the end user so it is easy to connect with the customer. FSC certification acts as a catalyst for improving standards in forest management. FSC certification brings economic benefits by opening up new markets. This certification provides social benefits to workers and local people and environmental benefits for biodiversity and ecosystems.

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